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Progress in Motion

It is time for a major makeover! After running Nutritious Ways for the past 12 years with pretty much the same website look and feel, it was well past the time for some changes. At lot of things have changed in the online and nutrition world since 2005, so here we are in the midst of a major upgrade and update to the website - including all of the products and offerings!

It is a work in progress and fortunately that progress has forward motion. I'm so excited about the new look to the site and the changes and enhancements to my products. I am rolling out things over the next few weeks and there is a lot to look forward to. Here is some of what you can expect from Nutritious Ways:

  • The website is new and improved, with immediate access to the download links for the files and handouts upon completion of your sale!

  • Many of the business forms for dietitians and nutritionists in private practice can now be personalized by you through the addition of PDF fillable forms. If you would still like to have the forms customized for you, simply email us and we can take care of that.

  • A new ICD-10 Superbill with the most current codes as of Oct. 1, 2017!

  • All of the business practice forms have been updated and enhanced to help you manage your nutrition practice efficiently and effectively.

  • The digital photography food and nature images have been updated with motivational healthy living messages and are sized for immediate use on social media! Just download to your phone's camera roll and upload the image to your own Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account to share positive body image and healthy eating messages with your followers.

  • All of the nutrition education handouts and eating disorder client worksheets are being updated and revised to reflect the current nutrition therapy needs and practices. We are rolling these out over the coming month so check back if what you are looking for isn't ready yet.

  • Please reach out to us with any suggestions you may have for upcoming products and tools that you would like to use in your dietetics and nutrition practice.

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