Here is everything you need to help your clients plan healthier meals. This is designed to be used with every client, including those working through disordered eating issues. These handouts are PDF files that are ready to be printed and filled out during a sessions with clients and groups.  A variety of meal planning tools are included so you can tailor your counseling and education to your client's individual needs.


This set of 15 handouts includes:

  • Food Journal with talking points
  • Hunger Fullness Scale with talking points
  • Meal Reflections with talking points
  • Food & Eating Behavior Contract
  • My Meal Plan with descriptions of portion sizes
  • My Meal Plan, customized for food groups
  • My Meal Plan, customized for specific nutrients
  • Currently Eating, customized to review food group intake
  • Currently Eating, customized to review specific nutrients
  • Weekly Menu to plan upcoming meals
  • Grocery List to plan shopping trip
  • Food Rut helpful tips
  • Fill Your Plate helpful tips
  • Stocking a Healthy House helpful tips
  • Savvy Snacks that are kid friendly helpful tips




Meal Toolkit: Collection of 15 Handouts